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PneumaCult™-Ex, 490mL

Serum- and BPE-Free Medium for Expansion of Primary Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells for Subsequent Mucociliary Differentiation at the Air-Liquid Interface (ALI) or Other Applications

MesenCult-ACF Basal Medium, Supplement and Attachment Substrate

MesenCult™-ACF Culture Kit
Defined, Animal Component-Free Culture Kit for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

NeuroFluor™ CDr3, 0.5 mL

NeuroFluor™ CDr3
Membrane-Permeable Fluorescent Probe for the Detection of Neural Progenitor Cells

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Video: EasyEights™: Faster and Easier Multiple Sample Cell Isolations
The EasyEights™ EasySep™ Magnet is designed for the simultaneous cell isolation from multiple samples, up to eight samples on each side, a total of 16 samples. Watch other videos here.

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